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Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Irish Helicopters is experienced in all aspects of aerial survey, having undertaken numerous projects for utility companies, universities, private organisations and governments

Working in partnership with PDG Helicopters, also part of the PLM Dollar Group, we provide a broad range of services, including:

• Coastal
• Environmental
• Mapping
• Photographic
• Animal/livestock studies
• Radiological
• Corona discharge
• Electricity
• Thermal Imaging
• Roads, Rail and Pipelines
• High Definition video

Through our extensive range of aircraft and sensor technology, from basic visual survey to multi sensor surveys we have the equipment, personnel and techniques to handle any aerial survey contract. One example is our investment in specialised tablet computers running bespoke software, which ensures all electricity patrols we carry out have access to high resolution mapping software.

With a highly experienced team of operator/observers, extensive fleet of helicopters and camera systems, Irish Helicopters is able to plan and deliver the highest standards in aerial survey.

Call 00-353-1-890 2895 or click here for more information about our aerial survey facilities.